Welcome to the new blog!

I’m glad you stopped by and I appreciate the opportunity to really engage and dig deeper in the areas of interest I’m most passionate about. This site is available at SeanDeminski.com, and as you expect, thats a pretty good explanation of what this site will cover- a personal and professional blog for myself, where opinion, philosophy, and passion intersect with my day-to-day activities of professional and volunteer work. As much as I like social media, the opportunities to really share stories, flesh out ideas, and promote events and causes I believe in are limited. And by having a personal site- its not as in your face as social media, and not just adding to the noise.

So I truly invite you in to discuss and learn here. Feel free to stop by to check out what’s up, or subscribe to my emailĀ (form available on the side).

Any feedback can be left on the site- or sent directly to me: Sean@seandeminski.com.